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Building information modeling (BIM) is the current buzzword which has been revolving around the construction industry for a few decades now. It has changed the way how we plan, design and constructs our built environment. Currently, various researches and organizations are currently searching for different ways to efficiently and effectively use BIM processes and technologies during the operations phases. Therefore to educate the Nepalese engineers and scholars Nepal BIM Forum (NBIMF) organizes various weekly and monthly events. The purpose of these events is to talk about the various activities of Nepal BIM Forum and the various benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM) that could bring to the Nepalese AEC industry. If you want to know the benefits of BIM and how it could benefit your next project come and join us in our next event.
Please use the link below to fill up the form so we could schedule the bi-weekly session.

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NBIMF Social Group and Chats

Similarly, we also have an active WhatsApp and Facebook group where post various information about BIM and discuss the impact that can bring to the Nepalese AEC industry. To know more join us on Facebook and WhatsApp group.

If you work as an engineer in a Nepalese engineering firm or outside of Nepal and is interested to know about BIM and want to join our organization, we welcome all the new members to Nepal BIM Forum. If you want to join our organization please go through the page in members.

You can email us at contact@nbimf.com

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