Who We Are

About Nepal BIM Forum

Nepal BIM Forum abbreviated as NBIMF is a non-profit organization that was established to promote the use of Building Information Modelling commonly known as BIM for Nepalese Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operation stakeholders. The objective of NBIMF is to support the Nepalese Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operation(AECO) industry for BIM adoption and implementation. The organization promotes the use of digital construction tools and processes as well as spread awareness through close collaboration with Nepalese AEC professionals, stakeholders, organizations, and educational institutions.

Core Areas of Nepal BIM Forum

NBIMF mainly works in the four core areas which NBIMF calls a "RISE" movement for the Nepalese AECO industry which are listed below:

  1. BIM Research
  2. BIM Implementation
  3. BIM Standards
  4. BIM Education

History of Origin

It was initially initiated by the students at Aalto University and was officially registered in Finland in August of 2018, under the name of Nepal BIM Foorummi Ry.