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Nepal Building Information Modeling Forum (NBIMF) is a non-profit organization officially registered in Finland (2018) and Nepal (2020).  It is a group of scholars who work collectively to educate the Nepalese Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC)  industry about BIM. NBIMF mainly focus on the four areas of BIM as Research, Implementation, Standardization, and Education of Building Information Modeling (BIM). In short, we call it a “RISE” revolution of the Nepalese AEC industry.

Our Mission is to support the Nepalese AEC industry in adopting BIM in its projects and to help them deliver high-quality construction projects. We actively coordinate with various stakeholders of the Nepalese construction industry and provide them with necessary technical support in BIM implementation. Our vision is to see Building Information Modeling (BIM) being used in infrastructure projects at the Nepalese AEC industry from the preliminary phase of the project to the final phase of construction and operation management.

We support and educate the Nepalese AEC industry and make them aware of the benefits of BIM. We also work with the Nepalese government to implement BIM in various Nepalese infrastructure projects. NBIMF also work together with Nepalese BIM professionals and discuss digital construction solutions that can be adopted by the professionals of Nepalese AEC industry. 

BIM Research

NBIMF works for the Research on various BIM topics that would help Nepal to develop its AEC industry. We are actively looking for students and professionals who want to research on BIM topics, if you want to research on BIM topics, you can always contact us.

BIM Implementation

NBIMF supports Nepalese government agencies and various Nepalese AEC stakeholders in implementing BIM. We provide the government agencies with required support to implement the BIM in various projects.  

BIM Standards

BIM is a powerful tool that can change the way Nepalese AEC industry designs, constructs, operates and maintains facilities We help various institutions to prepare BIM standards. We are also actively working with the Nepalese government to establish the Nepalese BIM standards.

BIM Education

BIM Education is a very important part of NBIMF, to understand how BIM works, and how it is changing the AEC industries, we work with various organizations and institutions to teach them the benefits of BIM.


Sunil is a senior lecturer for BIM courses at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Department of Real Estate and Building Services which provides strong continuing BIM education in close collaboration with the Finnish construction industry. Sunil is involved in buildingSmart Finland’s education room and is also pursuing his doctoral studies at Aalto University with a research focus on BIM education and implementation.

Sunil Suwal

Mahesh is a civil engineering student studying Masters degree at Aalto University. Currently, also working in Ramboll Finland as a design engineer. He is also working with various BIM related projects between Finland and Nepal.

Mahesh Karki

Manish is currently studying in Aalto University majors with Rock engineering. He earned his Bachelor of Science from the HÄME University of Applied Sciences, Finland, and has worked for different engineering consulting organizations from Finland. Manish is  working for Sitowise Oy as a designer since the beginning of 2020. Manish has gained experience in Design, 3D Modeling, and project management. The skills he established working in those organizations have helped him with a quick transition into the construction industry as a structural BIM Engineer. He has extensive experience in model integration. He has collaborated with Architects and Engineers from different disciplines on Infrastructure projects supporting BIM protocols.

Manish Yakami
Chief Financial Officier

A bachelor’s degree graduate from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. He have been working as a Design Engineer at AFRY in the various project of Residential and Industrial buildings for the last two years and currently involved in Transportation, Bridges and Infrastructures projects utilizing BIM tools.

Aman Oli

A bachelor’s degree graduate in Civil Engineering from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. He is currently working as Technical Specialist in Solibri Ltd, Helsinki, Finland. He has hands-on experience with BIM models of different disciplines, rule based clash detection, quality assurance, collaboration, quantity takeoff and Computer software industry.

Anil Bhattarai

Graduated as Bachelor in Construction Engineering from HAMK University of Applied Sciences. Currently working as Residential Building Elements Designer and modeler at Vahanen Group using different BIM tools and analyzing software.

Bhupendra Basnet

Manish graduated from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in 2017 with Bachelor degree in civil engineering. He is currently working at Sipti Consulting as a Structural Design Engineer mostly focusing on Finite element analysis and design of concrete structures.

Manish Jaiswal

Ardeep graduated from HÄME University of Applied Sciences in 2018 as a construction engineer with steel construction major. He is working for Sitowise Oy as a Structural Designer. He is founding member of NBIMF doing research regarding the challenges and problems in Nepalese AEC. His area of expertise include the structural analysis using different BIM applications. As the active member of NBIMF he been also focusing different kind of Structural challenges faced by the Nepalese Construction Industry to find better solutions over the traditional approaches.

Ardeep Maharjan


Birendra Raj Pandey
Vice President at Confederation of Nepalese Industries
Vishal Singh
Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
Päivi Jäväjä
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Principal Lecturer, Construction IT

International Representatives

Dhanjeet Sah
National BIM Manager,
North America
Suman Paneru
Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Engineer,
Turner Construction
Iowa, US

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