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NBIMF the way FORWARD! Join the RISE Revolution

Hello everyone!

2018 has been a great year for Nepal BIM Forum, we started our organization from scratch at the end of 2018 and within a small period of 6 months, we have been able to finish up the official work for setting up the organization. In just a small period of 6 months, we have also been able to grow our organization in Finland and Nepal as well as get the member from other various countries who are working as an engineer in various fields of engineering.

Nepal BIM Forum is a non-profit organization which is a group of BIM scholars, who work collectively to educate the Nepalese Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry about the various aspects of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

NBIMF mainly focus on the four areas of BIM as:

BIM Research,

BIM Implementation,

BIM Standardization and  

BIM Education

In short, we call it a “RISE” revolution of the Nepalese AEC industry.

We support and educate the Nepalese AEC industry about the various benefits of BIM that could bring to the infrastructure project. We also work actively with Nepalese AEC institutions by providing the expertise that they require to implement BIM in their projects.

Many countries around the world are embracing BIM with open hands and working to make the BIM a reality. It is now time for Nepal to make a mandatory requirement for all the public construction tenders are to be done as a BIM-based project. Not only this will help modernize Nepalese AEC industry it will also help to remove those old techniques of design and construction and help the engineers and stakeholders to get all the benefit of BIM. Therefore, we also work with various government authorities of the country to make the BIM mandate for the country.

On the 13th of February 2019, we have been successful in organizing our very first BIM Event in Nepal. We are also planning for many more events in future if you have any suggestions you can always send us your opinions.

You can read more details about the event through the below links

Building Information Modeling ( BIM) Event in Nepal

Nepal BIM Forum is proud to present a BIM Event in Nepal on the 13th of February in collaboration with the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus. The theme of the event will be “To Support Digital Transformation of the Nepalese AEC industry with BIM”. The presenter at the event will be our chairperson from Nepal […]

The BIM Event was Successfully held!


On the evening of 13th February, Nepal BIM Forum held a successful BIM event, in collaboration with the Institute of Engineering(IOE) at Pulchowk campus. It was the very first BIM event organized in Nepal by NBIMF. In total, we had an active participation of 50 people from various engineering subjects. People from various engineering […]

We organize various monthly and weekly events where we discuss about various aspects of BIM and what kind of benefits it could bring to Nepalese AEC industry. In the last session we were discussing how BIM could be used in tendering phase as we have seen in multiple projects in Nepal, the problem already starts in the tendering phase with price manipulation and low-cost bidding. If you want to know more about various events organized by our organization you can use the link below to subscribe to our calendar. You can also follow us on Facebook to know all the latest details or you can always contact us to know more. 

You can also register yourself for our bi-weekly online session. Use the link below to register yourself for the event.

Similarly, we also have an active telegram and Facebook group where we post various information about BIM and discuss the impact, BIM can bring to the Nepalese AEC industry. To know more join us on Facebook and telegram group.

If you work as an engineer in a Nepalese engineering firm or outside of Nepal and is interested to know about BIM and want to join our organization, we welcome all the new members to Nepal BIM Forum.

Please use the link below to fill the form to join our organization. We will be back with you in a few days of time, confirming your membership.

If your company is working in any areas of design to construction of a project or involved in any sector of infrastructure development and want to know how BIM can be realized in the process, you can contact us any time, so we could provide you with the expertise that you need.

You can contact us at Facebook or also send an email at: [email protected]