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Isolation Module

Nepal BIM Forum in response to recent outbreak of COVID-19 Virus in Nepal has prepared a preliminary isolation module that can be easily manufactured and assembled offsite in a short period of time. This kind of module could be very useful for the country like Nepal as it is easy to transport and build with the use of local labor and resources.

The isolation module consists of three different parts.

1. Structural

2. Architectural

3. MEP

Nepal BIM Forum has made the 3D BIM Model of  the isolation module public, which can be explored below using Trimble Connect 3D Viewer (below this post, might take some time to load, depends on the internet speed, best view from computer). NBIMF is willing to provide its technical assistance and other required details to manufacture such module if necessary. Do contact us at Nepal BIM Forum Facebook page or via email at [email protected]

Special thanks to our NBIMF team members – Bhupendra Basnet, Sunil Suwal and Mahesh Karki

Structural design by – Bhupendra Basnet

Architectural and MEP design by – Sunil Suwal

Coordination by – Mahesh Karki