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Nepal BIM Forum 2nd Annual General Meeting

2nd Annual General Meeting of Nepal BIM Forum was organized from the 30th of October 2020 to 31st of October 2020 at Laukaa, Finland. The 2nd Annual General Meeting presentation is made public and can be viewed from the Nepal BIM Forum website below.

Isolation Module

Nepal BIM Forum in response to recent outbreak of COVID-19 Virus in Nepal has prepared a preliminary isolation module that can be easily manufactured and assembled offsite in a short period of time. This kind of module could be very useful for the country like Nepal as it is easy to transport and build with […]

NBIMF Annual Report – 2019

2019 was an important year for Nepal BIM Forum, in such a small time NBIMF team was able to leave a mark among Nepalese engineers. Below is attached the Annual 2019 Report of Nepal BIM Forum and the document that was presented at 2019 1st Nepal BIM Forum Annual General Meeting.

Nepal BIM Forum successfully organized 1st AGM

The 1st Annual General Meeting of Nepal BIM Forum (NBIMF) took place on Saturday 2nd November 2019 at Helsinki, Finland. Chairperson Sunil Suwal started the Annual General Meeting with welcome notes for the Nepal BIM Forum International and Nepal BIM Forum Nepal Team attendees. Vice-Chairperson and Secretary Mahesh Karki and Chief Financial officer Manish Yakami […]

Nepal BIM Forum Participated in Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) Conferences 2019

Nepal BIM Forum participated in Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) Conferences 2019, in cooperation with Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and talked about, “A study on BIM Implementation in developing countries for Sustainable development” in Helsinki Finland, organized by Finnish Association of Civil Engineers, RIL. Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) conference have established their position among leading […]

NBIMF launched a BIM Users and Enthusiast Initiative in Nepal

Nepal Building Information Modeling Forum (NBIMF) is a non-profit organization that was started in 2018, by a group of Nepalese BIM enthusiast. We are a group of scholars who work collectively to educate the Nepalese Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) ¬†industry about BIM. NBIMF mainly focus on the four areas of BIM as Research, Implementation, […]

BIM Adoption in Nepal (Part 1)

The term Building information modelling (BIM) is defined as the way to use information technology to establish the building lifecycle processes to provide a safer and advantageous environment for its occupants, to find a solution for the least impact on the environment from its presence and to operate the building efficiently during its intended lifecycle. […]

NBIMF the way FORWARD! Join the RISE Revolution

Hello everyone! 2018 has been a great year for Nepal BIM Forum, we started our organization from scratch at the end of 2018 and within a small period of 6 months, we have been able to finish up the official work for setting up the organization. In just a small period of 6 months, we […]

The BIM Event was Successfully held!

On the evening of 13th February, Nepal BIM Forum held a successful BIM event, in collaboration with the Institute of Engineering(IOE) at Pulchowk campus. It was the very first BIM event organized in Nepal by NBIMF. In total, we had an active participation of 50 people from various engineering subjects. People from various engineering firms […]

Building Information Modeling ( BIM) Event in Nepal

Nepal BIM Forum is proud to present a BIM Event in Nepal on the 13th of February in collaboration with the Institute of Engineering, (IOE) Pulchowk Campus. The theme of the event will be “To Support Digital Transformation of the Nepalese AEC industry with BIM”. The presenter at the event will be our chairperson from […]