Digital Transformation of Nepalese AEC Industry: "A Successful 3-Day BIM Training Program for Architects"

Posted by Mahesh Karki on Wed Mar 08 2023

The recent three-day training program organized by the Society of Consulting Architectural and Engineering Firms (SCAEF)  in collaboration with the Nepal Building Information Modeling Forum (NBIMF), Federation of Contractor's Associations of Nepal (FCAN) and Construction Business Development Implementation Committee (CBDIC) was a success. The program was aimed at promoting the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools and techniques in the Nepalese Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry.

The program, titled "Basics of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Architects" covered a range of topics related to BIM, such as BIM guidelines, policies and regulations, IFC basics, and information exchange, BIM in the architectural design process, BIM for visualization, BIM for interdisciplinary collaboration & communication, and Basics of Archicad.

The course was delivered through contact teaching, and participants were provided with certificates upon completion of the training. The program's learning outcomes were impressive, as participants learned how to prepare architectural domain models and documents on the basis of set targets and definitions, prepare and validate architectural domain models with architectural specialties for different uses and phases of a project, and contribute to the preparation of presentation materials and presentation agenda to support clients and other stakeholder's effective decision-making and opinion formation in the discipline.

The training program had several experts and guest speakers, including Er. Sudhir Thapa, Er. Mahesh Karki, and Er. Sachina Bajracharya, Er. Rajan Shrestha, Arch. Sunil Suwal from Finland, Mr. Eugenio Fontan from Hongkong, and Dr. Amarnath from India, Er. Kishlay Kumar from India was among the program's guest speakers.