Nepal BIM Forum calls upon all the Nepalese researchers who are interested in conducting research into the various area of Building Information Modeling(BIM). Building Information Modeling is a very new topic to the Nepalese engineers and other various parties involved into Nepalese Architectural Engineering and Construction sector, thus it is important that we invest our resources in conducting research related to the various area of BIM.

If you are studying a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and thinking to write a thesis, this could be the best way for you to know more about Building Information Modeling. We provide you with all the educational and research supports that are needed to conduct the research. If you don’t have a thesis topic we could suggest one, though if you already have a thesis topic and want to integrate BIM into your topic, you could always contact us for more information.

Please use the link below to fill up the form to register yourself as an NBIMF Researcher.