Nepal BIM Forum is focused on four primary areas of Building Information Modeling in Nepal. Research, Implementation, Standards and lastly Education. In short, we call it “RISE”. Nepal BIM Forum organizes a bi-weekly educational series to those who are interested to learn more about BIM. If you are an engineer and want to know how BIM could help simplify your work, we will explain, how you could use the BIM tools to bring excellence in your work. 

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Nepal BIM Forum is also actively publishing various articles and blogs related to the Building Information Modeling in the context of Nepalese Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry. If you want to learn more about BIM and want to publish your own blogs and news articles, you can contact us for the topics. If you have your own ideas you are very welcome to share it with us, if you are new to BIM, though interested to learn more about it, we will guide you through the process.

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